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Full free step-by-step IELTS course

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Writing Task 2

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Coming Soon

About Ultimate IELTS

Hello everyone. My name is Philip and I’m an English language teacher from the UK. After many years of helping students get great scores in their IELTS test, I came to realise I was teaching the same things repeatedly and that the majority of what is needed for this test could be easily learned online from the comfort of students' own homes. However, all the current IELTS materials I could find freely available were unorganised, confusing, or misleading. Because of this, I set out to create a free, full step-by-step guide with no gimmicks or false promises.


On this website, I have a series of lessons each with a video, study notes, and exercises that you can work through as you follow the course. I have also written a model answer for every type of question you might be asked. Each of these has a full explanation which link the answer back directly to the methods taught in the course. All these questions, exercises, and model answers are exclusive to


To help fund everything I do, I will have an ebook available for each course on the website with more practice writing questions and fully annotated model answers. If you liked the free ones on the website, you may find this helpful. Secondly, I have a Patreon where you can find guidance for the website’s activities and a discussion forum where you can ask questions to get individual help for things not covered in these videos. I’m trying to truly provide a 100% free course for those who cannot afford classes, all while offering even more to those who are able to help. I hope you find this all helpful!

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